The Biologija Bump!

What up Finland?

Map showing the geographical distribution of "hits" on this blog Nov 16th 2012.
You can't see Croatia well on this map but I assure you that the Croats are coming out too!

Excitingly, my blog has reached a new audience today according to Google Analytics. Over the last week or so I have been corresponding with journalists from about my research on caterpillar eyespots. Specifically, Behija Salkić and the journalist Nikola Koletić have expressed a keen interest in my work and and have been great to work with. Their article came out today and can be found here. The article is in Croatian, but if English readers are interested in reading it they could always use Google Translator. The translated article title is: "Colouration of the caterpillar - an evolutionary advantage or something else?". More information about this particular research paper can be found here. is a website run by a non-profit organization called Bioteka-NGO based in Croatia whose main goals are to promote general understanding of the natural sciences in society, make science more engaging and interesting, and raise awareness about the role the public plays in preserving the environment. Occasionally, general interest pieces on biological research in the news are overly simplified, contain inaccuracies, or unjustifiably extapolate the results, so for interest's sake I used Google Translate on some of their content. I must say that I was really impressed with the accuracy of their information and the overall quality of the science writing on Keep up the good work!

A personal note to any first-time visitors: Welcome to my blog! Have a look around - I have listed the most-visited posts below. I hope you find something in my posts that interests you, and be sure to check back in from time to time to see how my work progresses. 

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