I may not know a lot about art, but I know what I like...

Bad Portrait of 5th instar Papilio canadensis caterpillar. Painted by Mandy Stobo

...and I like this a lot!

Recap: An artist named Mandy Stobo who has an ongoing project called the Bad Portrait Project. She has a SEND YOUR FACE section where you can send in a photo of yourself and she will make a "Bad Portrait" version then e-mail you a free *.JPG of it. It is pretty neat. I asked her if she would create a Bad Portrait of a Papilio canadensis caterpillar photo for me to use at conferences or as a logo. In my opinion her artwork is more rad than bad!

When I contacted Mandy Stobo about getting a "Bad Portrait" of Papilio canadensis for my blog I sent her two photos to choose from. She chose to paint the "head on" photo (see that portrait here). She must have enjoyed painting that one because she offered to paint the other photo for me as well! She has really outdone herself this time, I think this portrait is even better than the first one.

Here is the original photo that I sent her:

You can find out more about Mandy Stobo and her artwork at the websites linked below:


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